Virtual food brands are a $1.2T growth industry. Want your cut of the action?

We can help.

Want To Be Our Tag Team Partner?

Covid and mobile ordering apps changed the dine-in restaurant world. Forever. Don’t be left behind in the Delivery-1st era!

Powerbomb Pizza uses KDS’ technology, empowering restaurants to grow bigger, better, faster with a strong virtual brand. We bring you a legion of active, loyal pro wrestling fans excited to order from you. When you incorporate Powerbomb Pizza into your service mix you’ll get a new revenue stream and better margins. The brand and recipes fit your existing product/ingredients and operations for seamless adoption and integration.

Plus, Powerbomb Pizza, pro wrestling fans, KDS and delivery platforms aggressively market the brand—and your restaurant.

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Why Become A Powerbomb Pizza Partner?

  1. Grow Revenue
  2. Free to join
  3. Quick Start – no hassle; onboard & go
  4. Extra Promotion – we push sales
  5. Futureproof with popular delivery offering